Catching Water, Riding Gravity

Getting some help from Lucas Land (@wwje) with (@EdibleLawns) while upgrading my I’ve-thought-about-this-and-thought-it-would-be-more-complicated-but-it’s-really-just-water-and-gravity-and-here’s-the-opportunity-staring-me-right-in-the-face-a/c-condensation-capturing system.

As the weather warmed up I noticed a pretty small but steady flow of water from the drain of my central air conditioning unit. I started catching it with a bucket that I would use to water a few plants with. But some days “my cup would runnth over.” So I moved up to a trash can & used the bucket to dip out water for more plants & some parts of the yard.

Now I’ve got a trash can on a table (for a little water pressure) with a water hose & spray head attached (to make things easier).

So I’m going to switch to a barrel (for higher capacity) & raise it (for more water pressure) on a tower built of re-claimed & left-over lumber. I’ll also add a splitter to run hoses in both the front & back yards (for even more convenience).

The next step will be to divert rain spouts to capture rainwater & even heavy dews.

I’ve got some ideas for adding soaker hoses & timers (that run off water flow & controled by water level indicators so I don’t need to add electricity to the process)

For all that, it looks like I’ll be spending WAY less than a monthly water bill to automatically water my plants & yard with FREE water.

Call it what you want.
I call it bad to the bone & clever as heck.

Beyond that:
– adding debris filtration to rain gutters
– adding sediment filters to barrels
– adding water lines to fill toilet tanks – adding filtration for potable line


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