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Although I’ve only received about 20 responses to our Youth Ministry Pre-Survey, the feedback has been good. There has been a lot that is supportive, as well as some constructive criticism. It’s very open-ended to allow you to cover whatever is on your mind. If you would like to take part go to http://ping.fm/izuCv

We had already set some things in motion such as defining some specific times and opportunities for Junior & Senior High, and refining the Sunday & Wednesday schedule. Other things we had talked about got a kick start such as planning to paint the Youth Room after a pretty major clean up.

It’s been very interesting to me to read and discuss the sometimes very contradictory needs and desires that students, parents, volunteers, members, and visitors have shared. The things that seem to drive some people crazy are the very things that others view as essential to their connection here. What has drawn some in has caused others to disconnect.

What I have learned during my years of youth ministry here and at other churches is that everyone needs different things and that any particular activity/program/meeting/study/group/gathering does not answer everyone’s needs all the time.

As I have said before: My calling, and my responsibility as the Director of Student Ministries, is to make sure that we create an environment in which each of our member and visiting students have the opportunity to discover and/or develop their relationship with Jesus Christ in a way that authentically connects them and draws them deeper.

There is nothing I won’t try to make sure our students get connected.

If you have not been a part of things here in a while, come check things out again.
We may be doing things differently than you remember.

It is part of your calling to make sure your kids understand the priorities you have for them.
And if your kids are not driving, it’s up to you to get them here. (I’ll pick them up if that will help)

Right now we’ve got 14 different opportunities EACH WEEK to find a connection. Additionally, we have retreats & trips throughout the year. Don’t try to come to everything, that’s not the point. If you are part of another group, invite the friends you have there to try something here with you. Better yet, invite a friend that is not connected to anything spiritual. You should be able to find a connection here. And if it’s not here, we can create something that will. That’s what we’re here for.

Be Blessed,


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I've had a strange relationship with faith for as long as I can remember. My journey has gone from doing what I was told, to questioning, to doubting, to abandon, to wonder, to play along, to work against, to open up, to change, to embrace, to wonder, to doubt, to work towards, and to keep searching for better answers. Our various understandings of faith are deeply personal. Sharing those understandings can be very helpful to ourselves as well as others.

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