The Christian Proselytizer Questionnaire #20 Original Sin & Creationism? (answered in 65 words)

20. Explain why original sin exists. Why should I be eternally tortured for something that a pair of naked fruit-munching simpletons did in a garden over six thousand years ago? If you believe that children are born stained because they were conceived sexually, explain why I would be punished for something my parents did by your merciful and just god. If this does not apply to your sect, explain why.

There are a several different ways of looking at the idea of original sin and they all revolve around the idea that people are either inherently prone to make poor choices or that we can’t help ourselves. The concept that God loves us anyway through his grace is how we get redeemed. Evolution theory doesn’t support an “Adam & Eve” starting humanity 6,000 years ago.

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I've had a strange relationship with faith for as long as I can remember. My journey has gone from doing what I was told, to questioning, to doubting, to abandon, to wonder, to play along, to work against, to open up, to change, to embrace, to wonder, to doubt, to work towards, and to keep searching for better answers. Our various understandings of faith are deeply personal. Sharing those understandings can be very helpful to ourselves as well as others.

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