Healing is a slow process.


Squirrels & dogs is funny.

Reap. Sow.

Historically, the elections of 2012 may be seen as a day of reckoning. Those in a system stacked against them, broke through for themselves.

So which document tells you to give away your wealth?
– Some imagined government policy.
– Your actual bible.

Don’t be afraid to move forward.
“They” are “us” if “we” move forward together.

The prejudice of the “going to work” “joke” I keep hearing is precisely at the core of my dislike of conservative politics.

What’s this then?

I've had a strange relationship with faith for as long as I can remember. My journey has gone from doing what I was told, to questioning, to doubting, to abandon, to wonder, to play along, to work against, to open up, to change, to embrace, to wonder, to doubt, to work towards, and to keep searching for better answers. Our various understandings of faith are deeply personal. Sharing those understandings can be very helpful to ourselves as well as others.

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